Business Development, East Africa

Sales / Marketing


Having led numerous sales teams in different industries, ADA Ventures can facilitate market penetration for your organisation in East Africa. We are well connected with the key avenues for advertising and sales, so will ensure your company’s services and/or products’ potential are maximised.

Logistics / Operations
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ADA Ventures is well-versed with the process required for successful international transport of goods to East Africa. Let us guide you through the goods clearing process and streamline your logistical operations.



We are a trusted partner when it comes to sourcing local and international suppliers for our client’s projects. We have a track record of reducing projects costs, building successful client relations, and most importantly on-time completion. We focus on the process and pave the way for increased profitability.

Recruitment / Training

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At the centre of a strong business, is a strong team. If you are considering opening a branch in East Africa, you will need a physical presence in the area to coordinate the recruitment of personnel and support training of local staff. Our offices are well-placed in the centre of the business district, and we have the experience of publicising, screening and hiring talented individuals. This is a key step in ensuring you are able to support your customers with product maintenance and all other features of customer service.

Regulation / Authoritiesauthority_icon

Running successful and legitimate projects in East Africa require an understanding of the government authorities and respective rules that regulate business in the region. With over 25 years of experience, ADA Ventures offers know-how on organisation finances, banking requirements and relevant authority regulations that may impact your company.